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Woman Flees When 70 Pounds Of Cocaine Found In Flight Attendant's Carry On Luggage

Authorities are looking for a flight attendant who fled Los Angeles International Airport without shoes Friday night after being subject to a random search that turned up about 70 pounds of cocaine in two carry-on roller bags, authorities told NBC News. The flight attendant, like other crew members, is not normally subjected to searches. But just after 7 p.m. Friday, the unidentified JetBlue flight attendant was pulled aside by TSA officers for a random screening in Terminal 4, law enforcement sources familiar with the incident said.

The JetBlue Airways flight attendant ran from authorities when 70 pounds of cocaine were found in her carry-on bag at the Los Angeles International Airport, according to federal authorities. 

"We have her identified. We know who she is and we're looking for her," said Tim Massino, a public information with the federal Drug Enforcement Administration. Massino did not disclose the woman's name or release a description. The discovery was made Friday afternoon in Terminal Four by a Transportation Security Administration security officer, who was screening the airline attendant's carry-on bag, according to a TSA official. 

NBC News reported that the flight attendant -- realizing her bags were about to be inspected -- fled the screening area and even ran off barefooted, leaving her Gucci shoes behind.

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