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The Face Of Bipolar Disorder: Teen Refuses School Shoots Family In Nashville

A 16 year old boy who had a quarrel with his family when he did not get out of bed and go to school and shot his grandmother, a younger sister and a 6-year-old nephew, authorities said. Metro Nashville police said in a statement that the mother and the grandmother of the boy told investigators he was angry Tuesday when she told him to get up. He made threats and went to a closet, retrieved a pistol and started shooting..

His grandmother 67-year-old was hit by bullets at least twice and nephews and 12 year old sister suffered graze wounds. 2 year old sister and the boy's mother were in the apartment, but neither was injured by the shots. The boy fled on foot, leaving the gun at an apartment nearby, police said. The teenager was then detained later near the railway tracks. The family members are expected to survive. The teenager has been charged with four counts of attempted murder and one count of reckless endangerment.

The teenager refused to speak to detectives of domestic violence, police said. We do not know where he got the gun.The question remains, at 16 will this child receive the proper mental health guidance he needs? Or will he be deemed unfit to enter society, and be confined to jail cell the remainder of his life?

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