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Studies Show Excessive Amount Of Caffeine Consumption Miscarriage Risk

Couples who have an increased risk of miscarriage are more than consume two caffeinated drinks per day in the weeks before conception. A new study from the National Institutes of Health ( NIH ) found that lifestyle factors are important in both men and women, especially with respect to caffeine. 

The study was published by researchers at the Ohio State University and Thursday in the journal Fertility and Sterility. The document states that couples who drink more than two caffeinated drinks per day during the first seven weeks of pregnancy saw a significantly increased risk of early pregnancy loss. 

Researchers noted that male and female intake of two caffeinated beverages daily was associated with an increased hazard ratio: 1.74 for females and 1.73 for males. As for the age by the time of pregnancy, they observed miscarriage was linked to females age of 35 and above, for a hazard ratio of 1.96. These chances were about twice the miscarriage risk of younger women.

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