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St Louis Protester Left Bloody As Violence Escalate At Donald Trump Rallies

The campaign of hatred by Donald Trump continued with a bloody attack in St. Louis - where dozens of demonstrators were taken in handcuffs - with GOP harbinger tensions heat up by his critics call "troublemakers".

Anthony Cage , 50 , seen in the picture above, used a megaphone to denounce Trump as a racist outside the opera house. He was later videotaped - his face bloodied, shirt bloodied- as he was led in handcuffs by police ambulance. Cage was then let go after he was treated by professionals.

The violence erupted outside the Peabody Opera where a bloody man attacked another - and the potential for violence led to the cancellation of an event Trump in Chicago on Friday night.

Hundreds, possibly thousands, of demonstrators managed to enter University of Illinois at Chicago, where Trump Pavilion should start event at 19 pm local time. But clashes between supporters and protesters are out of control, and the campaign Trump canceled the event before GOP leaders even in the arena of 10,000 seats appear.

Events showed scenes of utter chaos. Hundreds of supporters and protesters lined out in the streets of Chicago as well.

Racial slurs and insults could be at Trump's rally in St. Louis, electric with tension as supporters with the protesters mostly African American audience screamed.

Trump also used more excitement, labeling protesters as " rioters " , telling them to go home and " get a job. "

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