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Sources Reveal: Kyrie Irving's Girlfriend Cheated On Him With A Soundcloud Artist

The internet is currently buzzing about Kyrie Irving's girlfriend Kehlani , 20, cheating on him with soundcloud rapper,after pictures surfaced on Instagram. The pic shows Kehlani's hand tattoo, in bed with the PARTY NEXT DOOR rapper , 22 , ( also known as Jahron Anthony Brathwaite ).

The romance between Kehlani and Kyrie Irvingn of the Cleveland Cavaliers seemed to be going in the right direction until today. Apparently Kehlani ex-boyfriend, the rapper PARTY NEXT DOOR , said on March 28 that Kehlani, the R & B singer back in his bed.

UH OH... What's really going on? 

Black Twitter is going crazy with Kyrie trending. The jokes are hilarious. The PARTY NEXT DOOR, has only released his work on and his future is not looking bright enough to wear shades. More like a hat, without a brim. 

Meanwhile Kyrie Irving is 90 Million and is currently on the verge of winning his first NBA title with NBA superstar Lebron James as his teammate. Money is not everything, however, when you're as humble as Kyrie Irving, his loyal fan base is similar to Beyonce's fan base. Kehlani, sweetie, you have some explaining to do.

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