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Obama: Ist President To Celebrate A Cuban Cigar In Cuba Since 1921

President Barack Obama landed on Sunday in Cuba , half a century of mining in a dramatic personal demonstration of the principle core of foreign policy ends America's enemies to confront.There is change rethinking that the president hopes expressed here. The president and his allies also expect a successful bid relax a little more: a lasting example of the power of diplomacy and no longer lifelong enemies. 

What does Obama's venture with Cuba mean for the import/export of cuban cigars?

At a minimum, Cuba could export each year cigars worth 250 million dollars if Washington lifted the blockade on the island, formally implemented the February 7, 1962. On that date the government of John F. Kennedy decreed the total embargo on trade with Cuba , and the prohibition of entry to US territory of any developed wholly or partly , with raw material of Cuban origin product , even if in a third country .

In 1963 they prohibited all transactions with the Caribbean country and the values ​​of the Cuban State in US territory were frozen. Apropos of the twenty-eighth edition of the Festival del Habano transpired during the inauguration this Feb. 29 that sales of cigars in the Cuban- British company Habanos SA , which controls 70 % of the business in the world, grew 4 % last year, despite the economic problems in Europe , its main market, and the anti-smoking laws. Although exports of Cuban products to the United States are prohibited, a year ago US President Barack Obama authorized Americans traveling to the island to import into your country snuff Cuban provided they do not exceed the value of $ 100. 

More than 150,000 Americans who traveled in 2015 to Cuba , protected by 12 types of licenses were favored with the measure, but how many can not taste the flavor and enjoy the benefits and quality of the product made with the best leaves of Vuelta Abajo , in the western province of Pinar del Rio, where fit without doubt, the best snuff in the world is harvested .

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