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Love and Hip Hop New York, The Reunion Recap: Pt. 1 Who's the Daddy???

Felt like I was going through withdrawal after the off week of ratchet reality, but now it’s back with the first installment of this year’s NY reunion, let’s tune in:

1. Why do women always change their hair when they're going through relationship drama? Yandy appeared soooo much better without this blonde, "my man is serving 8 years" hairdo.

2. I can’t take this fake drama between Rah and Yandy. In the words of another reality show great, Rah is such a non-factor why are we even entertaining this, get to the good stuff.

3. Man, even though MariahLynn looks like a bad Christina Aguilera reject, I have to appreciate her honesty because she’s right BBOD would not have had a storyline without the Cisco triangle. #facts

4. Okay I was really bored with this BBOD manager recap (yawn, really I don’t care, next...) until they brought my girl Cardi B. in it! In all my history of ratchet reality viewing, I have never seen someone get an audience member kicked off the reunion show! And some of those Flavor of Love audience members were crazy disrespectful. Cardi B...That's my Girl!

5. Cisco and Peter Gunz are neck and neck for worst members of the Creep Squad. I even respect Rich because he keep it honest. Cisco lies like a rug! He really comes off so shady and I fully believe that he led both Mo and Mariah on. Hopefully one of them got half a single of music we’ll never hear out of that relationship.

6. Whelp we made it to 8:33 without a fight and that might be a record! This fight just involved a lot of confusion; basically everybody is as tired of BBOD and wanted them off the stage. And then all of Mariah Lynn’s foster care training came out and she went wild, followed by the throwing of Cardi’s shoe and everyone was removed from the stage.

7. Okay so Mariah is spilling all the tea, apparently she too (well like 22) could have had a little Richie D?? And that was your reasoning as to why you were more than a jump-off? But I will say being pregnant doesn’t make you his girlfriend honey and seeing as you have a song with the chorus “Once upon a time not long ago, I was a hoe”, you kind of lost all credibility.

8. And tonight’s main event, Peter/Tara/Aminah has hit the stage! This is going to be a long one. First, why is Tara acting like she and Peter only slept with each other one time to conceive this child? If you think we believe that, you need more people Tara. Second, when Aminah called you a side chick Tara, you ARE! And WERE! Let’s not forget Peter was oh so involved when you crept into his life 13, or 15, or however many years ago. Third, I’m with Rich Dollaz, I don’t believe Peter has malice in his heart, but I do believe all of the 30+ year old people in this relationship are idiots. Fourth, really Tara, you found out you were 18 weeks pregnant? Your fitness crazed mother of 2 self, was almost 5 MONTHS PREGNANT before you “knew”? #QuitIt But the best was saved for last and the moment we’ve all been waiting on, AMINAH’S PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT!!! How far along is she? Is it Peter’s?  Can it wear Gunner’s hand me downs?

Hopefully these and other questions will be answered on next week’s episode, til then folks!

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