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LHHNY Recap Ghetto Fairytale Weddings and Snip Snip: Season 6 Episode 12

This season must be coming to a close so I know you can't wait to tune into another episode of ratchetness!

1. Okay so I'm all for a dream wedding, but why are Remy and Papoose acting like they aren't already married? I mean, Remy is about to choke the coordinator because there's no ice skating rink, Papoose taking shots and getting words of encouragement with the 14 groomsmen? I pray for this coordinator because this is about to go so poorly.

Side Note- Why would you send a striptease tape to your groom with no note to watch it solo??

2. Why does the coordinator keep telling Remy about the issues, on the of the wedding? You never tell the bride about anything that's going wrong. #QuitIt

3. Awww Papoose just gets sweeter and sweeter! So he found the jailhouse rock pastor that married them on the phone to remarry them? That is some ghetto fabulous romance.

4. Cardi B for real deserves an Emmy! She is the reason to keep coming back to this train wreck every week. After asking the Creep Squad who they're outside impregnating and shooting Cisco down all in one fair swoop, I'm hoping her work on this episode isn't done.

5. Look Creep Squad, let's be happy that Peter Gunz is getting a vasectomy, why are ya'll trying to convince him otherwise? This man has more children than Father Abraham. Getting clipped and snipped is the right thing to do for the world's population.

6. Oh Aminah, why honey, why? So you're fighting with Peter over who should have gotten pregnant and you claim you don't want him, but you're mad he's getting a vasectomy because you may have wanted more kids with him in the future? I am 4 steps past confused with this one. What do you want? What is it about Peter's "Gun" that makes all of these women so crazy and dumb???

7. Why am I not surprised that Keyshia Cole showed up to Remy and Papoose's ghetto fairy tale wedding? I have to admit though, it turned out beautiful (thanks VH1) and I'm glad Remy didn't have to kill anyone in the process. Side Note- So BBOD, Mariah Lynn and DJ Self couldn't even get invites to the VH1 sponsored wedding??? BHAHAHAHAHAH Super Side Note- So nobody could toss Remy Ma's mom a track, a wig, a hat, something??

8. Aw that last dance with Yandy and Mendecees almost made me shed a tear #8years

9. How old is Remy Ma? Why are her and Papoose still trying to have kids?? Your son walked you down the aisle, why are you starting over?

10. I actually forgot the Chicken Noodle Soup girl even being on this show? I will say this was one of the craziest seasons of LHHNY....knew it had to come to an end sooner or later.

Side Note- Why the h-e-double hockey sticks is Tara having a grand baby shower for her 3rd baby by a married man???

Ah well, now we look forward to the reunion! Til next time folks!

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