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Eric Thomas' Speech to St. Louis Students Became Intense After Students Interupted

Motivational speaker Eric Thomas made a stop in St. Louis last month. A video of his speech to Vashon High School students going viral after an interruption. Thomas told the students and teachers that is was a symptom of something he only sees when visiting African-American schools. 

"When people love you, you don’t do them like dirt. When people care for you, don’t disrespect them. You ain’t got but a few people who care about you in this world. Didn’t you hear what I just said? If you’re in the wrong place, you’re going to get shot and killed. No one is going to jail for it.
You got the nerve to act the fool when somebody cares about you? You’re talking when I’m talking. Do you know that if I go to a Jewish school, those kids are quiet. If I go to a white school, those kids are quiet. If I go to a Latino school, those kids are quiet. The only kids that disrespect me are black kids.
That’s it, my own, are the only ones who disrespect me. I work in any other school and they’re taking notes. I come home, you’re talking. You’re capping jokes. You think something is funny. Look how we’re living. Ain’t nothing funny. Ain’t nothing funny y’all."
Eric Thomas

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