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Can Tyronn Lue Coach Lebron James And The Cavs To NBA Championship

Two months ago, Tyronn Lue landed a great opportunity with a brutally difficult task when he received the Cleveland Cavaliers of Head Coach position. Every head coaching job has its complexity and Lue's window for instant success was extremely narrow.

Lue was given the job without significant practice time, with no real head coaching experience, and  to bring a group of players together to work well along with LeBron James in this package. One thing that can you say for sure is, if the last two months had played with anyone else, as head coach, the external evaluation of the performance of the coach would probably be different.

Under these circumstance, Lue has a little breathing room, however, the playoffs are just around the corner. After firing former coach David Blatt in mid-January, the Cavaliers have made concerted effort to push the pace and eventually their offensive sets faster than normal.

Regardless of how fast the Cavs get into transition, are they any match for Golden State Warriors in a 7 game series. The San Antonio Spurs are playing lights out basketball in the west leaving the Cavs the as the Third best team in the NBA. Unless the Lue as a trick up his sleave, and motivate Lebron to play at Super Human ability every game, next year is more probable for the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the title under Tyronn Lue.

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