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Why Beyonce's "Formation" Video Is Powerful With A Much Needed Message For Black Women (Video)

Finally, Beyonce addresses the Illuminati rumors and slays haters with one line. "Y'all haters corny with that Illuminati mess."

Illuminati is an secret organization, a fraternity of brothers that went underground with secret knowledge that was discovered in King Solomon's temple. What does this organization have to do with Beyonce, absolutely nothing. However, most conspiracy theorist, bloggers, vloggers tend to believe Beyonce and Jay-Z are successful only because of their affiliation with the "Illuminati"

In "Formation," Beyonce states proudly, she works hard for the success she rightfully earned. For someone to dismiss her work ethic is disrespectful to her as artist, business person, and most importantly a powerful Black Woman.

"I grind till i own it." Ownership is a message rarely talked about in the African American community.  To hear this message in a song is refreshing. The black dollar only spends 15 minutes in the hood before it leaves. In the 1920s and 1930s, the black dollar spent 100 days in the black community before leaving.

Beyonce, tells her female comrades to get in formation if you have coordination. The black woman is the backbone of the black man. The African American community is the only race of people where women compete with each other, as well as compete with black man. Instead of competing, let's fall in formation, and get this "paper" together. "I Slay."

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