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Teenager Gets Arm Ripped Off For Attempting To Steal Air Jordans In

According to the New York Post, a teenager from Brooklyn had his arm CUT OFF in a Craigslist robbery that occurred on Friday afternoon.
Police say the 17-year-old boy contacted a 39-year-old man known as "Phil" on Craigslist and asked to buy an expensive pair of Air Jordan sneakers. They met about 1 p.m. and the teen got into the Phil's SUV and allegedly pulled out a gun. Police say that the teen stole the sneakers and tried to run off. But that's when things got CRAZY.
As soon as the teen made it out of Phil's SUV, police say that Phil stepped on the gas and ran over the teenager, cutting off his arm.
The teen, missing his arm, tried to escape by jumping onto a city bus. But there ws NOT ESCAPING Phil. He pulled the armless teenager off the bus and told the driver he'd robbed him.
But hat's not the end of the story. The teen managed to escape Phil again, and ran home, where he collapsed, police said.
An ambulance took the boy — and his severed arm — to a nearby hospital. The teen is in serious but stable condition. Doctors plan to try to reattach his arm.
Phil faces an attempted murder charge - and in New York that's 20 YEARS IN PRISON.

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