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Manny Pacquio Fired By NIKE Over Gay Bashing Comments

Manny Pacquio decided to tell the world his views about Homosexuality and used bible scritputres to back is claim.  He quoted the bible verse that condones striking gays to death, hours after he was once fired by Nike.

The Filipino information agency ABS-CBN captured an Instagram Manny put up early Thursday morning quoting Leviticus 20.13:"If a person has sexual relations with a person as one does with a woman, each of them have performed what's detestable. They are to be put to dying, their blood might be on their own heads."

The ustagram post has been deleted.

TMZ spoke with Manny's longtime promoter Bob Arum who says Manny's views are based on his religious beliefs. Manny is a born again Christian.

Prior this week, Manny mentioned gays are "worse than animals" -- though he later apologized, even as noting that he is nonetheless very much anti-gay marriage.

By the way, Manny's getting help in the Philippines -- opposition senator Juan Ponce Enrile issued this message for the LGBT neighborhood: "it's better for them to go to planet Mars."

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