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Love and Hip Hop Recap: MariahLynn Gets Played & Cardi B Does the Jailhouse Rock LHHNY Season 6 Episode 8:

Let's jump right in because tonight's episode gave ratchet a whole new name.

1. Let us pray that MariahLynn's next move is not to try to break into film. Seriously this is the worst acting I've seen since Cuba Gooding Jr. in Radio. But the fact that her Mom and Rich were in jail at the same time is #priceless.

2. Peter, I can't keep up. So first, you were done with Aminah and trying to get back with Tara and now Tara's pregnant and you're trying to be with Aminah? So maybe you just have an aversion to women you get pregnant? Which is like half the world at this point. I'm sure Peter Gunz has some good qualities, but this show has literally made him the biggest creep ever.

3. LOL, wooooowww so Cisco said I'm a need you to get a STD screen MariahLynn because we all know Rich Dollaz might have that dirty dirty, LOL!

4. So wait Cardi B's little sister is named Hennessy??? Why??? But next up are her jailhouse nuptials because "flowers and bridesmaids" aren't her style a jailhouse wedding is where it's at. I can't even make this up. I can't wait to see this Tommy, I'm hoping he and Mendeecees become cell mates and we get Love & Hip Hop Rikers Island next season.

5. Rich, I'm sorry, I can't blame MariahLynn for getting in where she fits to find anyone and everyone to help with her um "music", but I am beyond weak that DJ Self just can't keep up with Mariah's bed-manager-producer hopping and Rah Ali just flat out called you a THOT **real tears**

6. How bad of a father is Peter Gunz that his daughter won't pick his side over Aminah's? Who isn't even her mother? And how dumb is Aminah that she still doesn't know what she wants to do and this dude has gotten his sidechick baby mama re-pregnant?? Aminah needs to buy a vowel and get a clue, quick.

7. The fact that Mariah actually thinks she's capable of breaking Rich Dollaz's heart is mind boggling and as if on cue, here's Cisco! Welp, this either ends up in a bathroom threesome a la last season or a fistfight...orrrrr with Cisco getting the last laugh, cause as he said "Once upon a time not long ago Mariah was a ho"

What a contrived action packed episode, I know I'm tuned in for next week, see you then!

Written by Eclectic LStone

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