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LHHNY:Season 6 Episode 11 Why Mendecees??? Love and Hip Hop New York

Allright, we're back with another week of ratchet reality! Love & Hip Hop NY starts now:

1. So it really took almost a dozen kids for you to figure out a vasectomy is the answer Peter Gunz? Well, I guess it's never too late. Can't wait to find out how Aminah snuck that last baby under the radar on you at the reunion show in a few weeks.

2. Remy Ma really needs to have several seats. She has a man who loves her and his first concern is that she stays out of jail and she can't seem to understand that? I mean that is a pretty basic desire, c'mon Remy.

3. Now Cardi B I love you, but you act like this hairstyle is an original? Seriously Alicia Keys rocked this style in Smoking Aces 10 years ago. But I swear she is just such a wonderful trainwreck; the level of ratchet is just so high! Stripper withdrawal??? LOLOLOLOLOL

4. Seriously, who is paying for Papoose's ring? I need Vh1 to fess up cause this whole wedding is just becoming a joke. How are ya'll doing any of this coming off a 6 year prison sentence and 2 fledgling rap careers?

5. I really don't understand why Mendeecees thinks it's a great idea to get all of his baby mamas together. I do understand that he wants to keep his kids relationships going while he's away, but I think it could lead to someone else getting a prison sentence having all 3 of your baby mamas in the same room at one time.

6. The only positive about BBOD reuniting is seeing Treach from Naughty by Nature! Wooohh that man gets better with time. However, again, I just cannot make myself care about this storyline.

7. I respect Yandy so much because she is speaking the truth! Tara, you got pregnant by a married man who wouldn't marry you and now you're searching for your happily ever after with someone who really just can't get right. #next

8. Sooo DJ Self doesn't think Cardi B. represents herself as a real music artist, but he let MariahLynn perform at his Gwinnin Fest? That's artistry? Um ok. That's okay Self, Cardi has clearly shown that she will make it on her own. SN- I really need to understand how many times Cardi has been to jail. I mean she is forever worried about getting sent to jail, LOL. Of course if she did, maybe she could be closer to her boo thang...

9. I cannot stand when women don't want their friends to get new friends! OMG, Rah, who cares how long Remy and Yandy have been friends??? It's really not your business, just keep it moving.

10. Okay so Mendeecees, you couldn't get along with all of the mother of your children, yet you expect them to get along with each other? This really never ends well, but hopefully they can make it work for the kids. It's a tough situation.

Side note- Why does Samantha's mama look like MC Hammer???

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