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LHHNY Season 6 Episode 9 Recap: Yorma meets Self's side-chick

Allright folks, let's settle in for another week of ratchet reality from Love & Hip Hop NY

1. Well at least MariahLynn was bright enough to know she got set up, cause that's about the only credit I can give her in this whole scenario. Next storyline please...

2. Remy and Yandy planning a wedding seems like the worst idea ever as they're both super headstrong and likely this won't end well. Especially since Yandy seems hell bent on making Remy look like the wedding cake vs. the bride.

3. Love & Hip Hop has a better guest star list this season than Empire! Seriously, where did they find and dust Cam'ron off from? But for real, Mendecees single is doing something, because contrary to what Cam'ron thinks, everybody doesn't have a 16, on this show they barely have an 8.

4. I'm super torn regarding Remy and her relationship with her Mom. Really, it's Remy's day if she doesn't want her Mom there, she doesn't, but it's still your wedding and you would probably later regret not having her there. I mean how bad could your Mom be Remy, she's not pregnant in central booking with your jump off. #MariahLynn

5. So seriously, did DJ Self not press record when he announced to his entire listening audience that Yorma was his girl? How do you not know this is his girl Rose? Also, totally confused why Yorma's sister just threw a temper tantrum and pulled clothes down from the rack like a 5 yr. old? #lame

6. Okay, so Remy had a really rough road, but for real calm down about this wedding. An ice skating rink? At your wedding? Unless your guests are Anna and Elsa, how does that even make sense? #LetItGo

7. Wait, Yorma still has to get buzzed in the building, after all this time?? I can't handle how Yorma and Self's relationship is non-existent. Does anyone on LHHNY have an actual relationship besides Papoose and Remy?

8. Okay, stop, wait, reverse the tape!!!!!!!!!! Why is anyone taking advice on any topic, but especially relationship advice, from Peter Gunz? I would take advice from anyone in the world before Peter Gunz, except maybe fertility advice. And really Peter, your priority is setting up a sit down, Godfather style, to get the Creep Squad back together when you have 2 women pregnant at the same time? C'mon Man!?!?!!!??

9. Finally a Cardi B sighting! Seriously where has this girl been my whole life? Anybody whose definition of being nice is not stabbing someone is alright in my book, LOL! But for real, last Gwinin Fest was BBOD, MariahLynn and Chicken Noodle Soup, you really can't give Cardi a chance DJ Self? I think you could actually have me drop a 16 at the Gwinin Fest and I'd best that lineup.

Ah well, this wraps another mediocre week of L&HH, let's hope it's a little more action packed next week.

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