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Gloria Johnson-Cusack: From Welfare Recipient To Leveraging A $24 Billion Economic Powerhouse

Gloria Johnson-Cusack survived breast cancer and her family once lived on food stamps. Regardless of any hardships, Gloria Johnson-Cusack will tell you, they really lived a blessed life. 

Gloria Johnson-Cusack, was appointed CEO of the National Assembly Human Services in 2015. The organization, in collaboration with the Shopping Heath Trust Group assumes $ 24 billion in purchasing power. NHSA passes in buying the activity of more than 80 non-profit organizations $ 71 million, including the American Red Cross, Boy Scouts of America and United Way. 

The goal is to help groups to save money so they can spend more resources in their community in Washington DC grew programs.

Johnson-Cusack and the financial problems of upbringing. Johnson-Cusack's father had a watch workshop and his mother was a government employee. When her parents went through an ugly divorce battle, she ended up on food stamps, free medical, and dental care or no savings whatsoever. she said

On her way to the top, Johnson-Cusack has never lost sight of where her success comes from. She was raised in the segregated neighborhoods of Washington, DC, who knows firsthand what it takes for children from disadvantaged backgrounds to be successful.

“When I work with business and philanthropic partners, I aim for more equality of opportunity, irrespective of zip codes. It’s that outcome, or else our workforce and our country will stagnate amidst enormous potential, she said.

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