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1 And 6 Black Gay/Bi Men Contract HIV: Only 1 and 473 For Straight Men

No one is bashing gay or bisexual men for thier sexual lifestyle, however, it is a dangerous lifestyle when considering the statistics for contracting HIV. In Atlanta Ga, where single black women are searching for mate and life long partner, many men are dishonest about their sexual orientation. Since a bisexual man is more likely to contract HIV, he should have an obligation to tell the woman he is dating his sexual orientation.

If you haven't researched the numbers the lately, I found it quite shocking.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta announced the astonishing news this week : About half of the black gay and bisexual men are diagnosed in the United States with HIV - the virus that causes AIDS - in the course of his life .

Presented this week at a conference in Boston , the study found CDC HIV epidemic harder in gay and bisexual men . Overall, 1 in 6 gay and bisexual men are diagnosed with HIV . This includes 1 to 2 black , 1 : 4 and 1 in 11 Hispanic white snow . In contrast, the rate of infection for heterosexual men 1 in 473rd

In 2013, Georgia ranked second among the 50 states in its rate of new HIV diagnoses at 36.7 with an estimated 3,011 new cases, behind Maryland, which had a 43.7 rate. New HIV cases were documented in at least 43 Georgia counties in 2013. The year before, there were 39,102 Georgians living with HIV or AIDS. Also in 2012, 613 Georgians died from HIV/AIDS. Meanwhile, the state’s prison system is housing 803 inmates with HIV.

The Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell area ranked fifth among metropolitan areas in the nation in 2013 for its rate of new HIV diagnoses at 34.7. There were 1,919 new HIV cases identified in that area that year. In 2012, there were an estimated 26,020 people living with HIV in the Atlanta region.

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