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Season 6 Episode 5 LHHNY Recap: Cardi B in Etiquette Class on Love and Hip Hop New York

Episode 5 of L&HHNY is by far the best yet! Tune in for the weekly ratchet report! 1. So MariahLynn gets in a fight with a girl over a man that isn't actually her man and her only concern is spilling her drink? I don't know if that makes her a ride or die chick, but Cisco seems to think so. However, I gotta agree with her BBOD clearly has to stand for Bum Bi***** On Deck cause Moe looks like Wesley Snipes from Too Wong Foo and Lexxy looks like she's perpetually at Morris Brown's Homecoming Classic. But seriously,how long will it take for Cisco and Rich to beef over MariahLynn? Over/under is episode 9 2. Okay can someone PLEASE explain to me, when are we going to find out Mendecees snitched? I mean seriously, how many people do you know with charges facing life and their sentencing gets postponed? Are you kidding me? Just stop making us out to be idiots Mona Scott. Write it in the script that Mendecees sung more than any "artist" on this show.

3. I need a minute. Is Tara actually at the studio complaining to Peter he got his WIFE pregnant? And griping that she doesn't have the strength to raise their kids because he's off HAVING SEX WITH HIS WIFE, the shame??!!!??? #NoWords SN- Why is Peter Gunz at the studio? Is he cleaning it? He hasn't had a song in 20 years! He couldn't even manage his son's career, who is paying for his studio time??

 4. Yandy Smith has managed more 2nd rate talent than anyone in the history of management. Really, you are trying to convince me that Chicken Noodle Soup is what's next? Why doesn't Yandy just start like a kids modeling agency or a baby clothes line or a way to teach felons how to turn snitching into a career, something besides this gawd awful music career?

 5. Mariah Lynn is literally like the female version of 8 Mile minus talent. I mean she already was sleeping her way to the top, but I have to admit I feel kind of sorry for her after seeing what she comes from. No child wants to parent their parent. I wonder if she and Cisco will take her mana's kid and raise it as their own?

 6. What the heck Zumba class was this???? I've been to Zumba, it never looked so um well thotty? And I am literally on the edge of my seat waiting for Cardi B in etiquette class. This may make my whole week.

 7. Just when I was really about to skip over BBOD, they go and pull in Treach (swoon, that man NEVER ages, like fine wine he gets better with time). First off, "negrotiation" is the new word for 2016, cause I mean really who hasn't needed one of those? Next, well at least now we know Moe is the $ behind BBOD so at least that explains how she stays in the group. But something tells me it's not going to end well that Lexxy goes and talks to Daddy...

 8. ROCK BOTTOM ALERT!!!! So Aminah you call your "husband's" daughter to talk about her father's infidelity and your abortion? Really? Someone please burn some sage, get a smudge stick and lay hands on this child, this is just depressing. At this point I'm hoping they even hook her up with Rich before the end of the season at least you might get a spin-off out of him.

 9. Cardi in etiquette class is quite possibly the highlight of my whole week. First off, "Don't look at my crooked teeth look at my titties" may be the realest thing she's ever said and we all know that's saying a lot. Hands down my favorite character in all 3 L&HH series. But for real I needed her to clap back on how Tara is teaching an etiquette class? I trust Tara to teach me etiquette about as much as I trust R Kelly to babysit my teenage daughter. She doesn't even know sidechick etiquette, she's over here mad the man she's having an affair with got his WIFE pregnant. Tara, just stop, really.

 10. And I'm bored again with BBOD. Bring Treach back!

 Allright yall, until next week!

Written by Leah Stone

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