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Love and Hip Hop New York Tara Why? Season 6: Episode 6 LHHNY Recap

It's that time again folks, tuning in to my weekly ratchet reality fix, Love and Hip Hop New York

1. Every time Rah and Remy Ma get together I just wait for a fight, like you know it's coming. SN-Remy riding around on this hoverboard is straight comedy, I like her so I'll refrain from the many thoughts I'm having.

2. I'm bored with this Yorma and Self storyline, even though his daughter is adorable. They better hope Cardi B. parachutes into this park scene soon because family time never fairs well for reality TV, ask Erica and Scrappy.

3. Aminah I thought you hit rock bottom last week, but folding baby clothes post abortion while waiting for your deadbeat husband to come home from his baby mama sidepiece's house down the hall has to be the saddest moment of your life. Until 10 minutes from now when you find out baby mama sidepiece is about to drop a little news on y'all.....

4. So Moe, formerly of BBOD, has gone from one non-manager to another. Can someone PLEASE share with me who Yandy has successfully managed? Besides managing to somehow keep her man out of jail?

5. Mariah Lynn may as well go perform at the local chicken spot, her big break is opening up a maxi dress fashion show? #next

6. So the moment we've all been waiting for, drum-roll please, TARA IS PREGNANT!!! Even thought the blogs have been dropping this info for awhile and she's been hiding that belly for 3 episodes, I've been waiting for it to hit the show. Sadly, I really think she was dumb enough to have this man's child just to stay on the show, because her life was becoming a snooze fest. I don't know why she and Aminah don't just go on ahead and become sister wives and get a spin-off.

7. Did hoverboard sponsor this show?

8. Poor Yorma, she was the main for 20 whole minutes and now a new scalawag has come to take her man. Sure Self, you just need to "do business" with Rose for your "clothing line", um okay. Quite sure this business will involve some fabric, but it will probably be bed sheets. SN- Something tells me DJ Self as a rapper won't be #GWININ

9. Why are they limiting Cardi B.'s screen time this week? Does Mona not realize this is her breakout star??

9. OMG, so now Lexxy, formerly of BBOD, has decided to go back to the other non-manager? Will this story line ever end?? Ugh, where is Cardi B.?

10. Wow, that went left quick! Not quite sure what set Remy off so fast, but seeing as she self describes as someone who drags bi***** obviously it doesn't take much. I think I've seen better fashion shows than Rah's in church basements, but at least Mariah Lynn got her big break.

That wraps a pretty boring episode of LHHNY, til next week folks!

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