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Love and Hip Hop New York Recap: Season 6 Episode 7 LHHNY

It's time for the weekly ratchet recap, here's hoping this week is better than last week's snooze fest

1. I'm sorry, when did Rah get into a fashion circle? Last season she was focused on sort of designing shoes, then she was managing "rap" (and I use the term loosely) groups and now she's the maxi-dress maven? At best she has a hobby... SN- Rose, when did throwing yourself at a man who just declared his love for his girlfriend on the radio become dating?

2. What is jail protocol? I mean when you're in jail for 7 years, how much are people expected to hold you down? I feel why Remy thinks her family should have been there, but I'm just not sure exactly what she expected.

3. So, solo Moe is supposed to sit back and let Yandy "do what she does", um what does she do? I am still waiting on us to find one successful artist she managed.

4. Aminah literally looks like a broke Alicia Keys. However, seeing as Alicia managed to steal someone's man and keep him, she should take some notes. I am really over Peter being this snakey, this is getting ridiculous. When is Tara going to show up with the EPT?

5. Over this total BBOD storyline, really no comments, next.

6. Attention, glass blowing is now officially a white people activity per Cardi B, lol!! So the MariahLynn, Cardi B, Chicken Noodle Soup trio could be comical, let's hope they get more screen time and it doesn't involve a failed fight with BBOD or whatever they're called now.

7. Rich is literally the Godfather of L&HH. But really, does anyone believe that Rich, Papoose and DJ Self are actually friends? This is the craziest pairing in a long time. And Papoose, have 6 seasons of Love & Hip Hop not proved to you that getting people together to air things out is only going to end in drink throwing and the police being called?

8. French Montana listened to Lexxy's track like um, how much I am getting paid for this and sure I'll take it with the curb on trash day.

9. Peter literally looked like he wished Tara would tell him she had cancer vs. saying she was pregnant, LOL! Aw man, it's every woman's dream to hear "I need to think about my wife" when they tell a man they're pregnant.

10. Remy, get over yourself. Papoose's mama had no ties to you or reason to worry about anyone other than her son while you were in jail. Remy acting like she went to jail cause she was a civil rights activist, you went to jail for shooting someone! Maybe his mama did want better for him?? SN- Papoose's mama and Deb Antney are like the same person, sheesh!

11. This fight doesn't even deserve finger time, like Cardi said, " My wig is too loose to be caught up in this hot mess!"

Allright, that's my time folks!

Written by Eclectic LStone

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