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Love and Hip Hop New York "Cardi B Sets The Tone":LHHNY Season 6 Episode 4 Recap

It's time again for that ratchet reality recap of my favorite trainwreck L&HHNY
1. Allright let me set the scene in case you missed last week, we're at Mariah Lynn's birthday party where DJ Self has unknowingly had his main (Yorma) and side piece (Cardi 😎 invited. The side piece wasn't supposed to show up, but of course she did because in ratchet reality there was no way an occasion to throw a drink would be missed. Within 5 seconds of entering a crowded NYC club all of these people manage to be in arms reach and by that I mean Cardi B reached out her arm and knocked off Yorma's wig at which point she is escorted from the club and threatens to "break the car" she's "forced" into. After kicking out the breakaway glass, Cardi B seems to calm down and we go back to Yorma and Self having a heart to heart because Yorma has realized she's (insert any shocked face you'd like) not Self's only girl!?!!? With that tidbit, she storms out of the now shockingly empty NYC night club and end scene.
2. Okay so BBOD, I really hate this storyline, but since there is sure to be some drama as one of the members is messing with sleazy Cisco I'll tune on in. Cisco is supposed to be making music for them, let's all wait to hear that track right around the time unicorns reappear.

3. Aw Daddy Rich, this new Daddy Knows Best angle is adorable. So now his daughter has gone out and gotten a belly ring and Rich is spazzing out. I mean, she's already admitted to not being a virgin at 16 and we're sad about the body jewelry? And did her mother really think Rich was going to be a responsible parent? SN- Weak he said her mama is mad she's not in church for 10-15 hrs every Sunday.
4. Okay so Cardi B has given the quote of the week "You gotta use these guys! Ever since I started using these guys I feel so much better about myself!" Someone put that on a shirt and give it to Aminah. SN- Mariah Lynn and Cardi B being friends just has all the makings of a really low budget BET Uncut video.
5. Why does Cisco really only like unattractive women? I'm sorry, but Diamond last season and now Moe? And really Moe, did you not watch last season? If so, you would know Cisco is not the family meeting type so your shelf life is probably over.
6. Ok again! why did Rich's baby mama think he was going to have this child in church??? Unless there's a new strip club called Church, I'mma go, with
7. How many more girls are Rich and Cisco going to share? Without ever actually helping their music careers? And I mean Mariah Lynn just came in straight skeezing, like no hiding it. Sheesh honey you took Cardi B's advice to heart. Straight from the studio to a "date". Well at least she got dinner out of it cause she ain't ever getting that track.
8. Note: never get between Cardi B and her schmoney, because if you got beef with her y'all got beef FOREVER! (Seriously I need a voice over cause that was the funniest soundbite ever).
9. Well maybe Yorma is Gwinin after all, she got a shout out on the radio Brown Sugar style and a seemingly heartfelt apology from Self. Five $ says he's back to Cardi B by episode 5.
10. Wait, is this BBOD song actually called "Tatatalicious"? Huh?!?!? Whatever, the highlight of this party was definitely that quick confrontation between Mariah Lynn and Moe, lol! Well that went left super quick, Cisco basically ruined your party and Mariah Lynn has made an enemy that will surely end poorly. I'm not sure if Mariah Lynn was really the right girl to leave with seeing as BBOD seems to have some financial backing, but only time will tell.
Can't wait til next week after seeing Treach in the preview!!

Written by Leah Stone

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