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How The Refs Cheated Pac Man Jones and The City Of Cincinnati

Last night's playoff game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers will be one to remember for ages to come. The 2015-2016 Bengals organization produced a Super Bowl worthy team that ranked 3rd among all NFL teams going into the postseason. After the Bengal's lost last night, Social Media lit a match and sparked fire with remarks to Cornerback Adam Pac Man Jones and his dead ball personal foul, giving the Steelers a 35 yard field goal to win the game.

Joey Porter is the Linebacker Coach and former Linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. His on the field presence escalated the emotions of Bengals players in an already heated rivalry playoff game. When Pac Man Jones had choice words for Coach Porter, a flag was thrown by the refs. Now everyone in Cincinnati is mad at Pac Man for not keeping his cool. 

But wait, when you dig into the rule book, you'll come across Rule 13.1.2.

Either or both team attendants and their helpers may enter the field to attend their team during a team timeout by either team. No other non-player may come on the field without the Referee's permission, unless he is an incoming substitute (5-2-2).
During any team timeout, all playing rules continue in force. Representatives of either team are prohibited from entering the field unless they are incoming substitutes, or team attendants or trainers entering to provide for the welfare of a player, and any game-type activities are prohibited on the Field of Play.

According to this rule, Head coaches are not allowed on the football field. I have a few questions.
1. Why is Linebacker Coach Joey Porter on the field? 2. More importantly, why is Porter in the middle of a Bengals defensive huddle?  3. Why did Pac Man Jones receive a flag and Coach Porter did receive one. This is clearly out of line and a flag should have been thrown against the Pittsburgh Steelers for a coach being on the field in violation of Rule 13.1.2.

This mistake by the referees should be addressed by the NFL and everyone mad at Pac Man Jones should CHILL OUT. He did not deserve the flag that cost the Bengals their first playoff win in 5 years. The refs not only cheated the Bengals, they cheated the entire city of Cincinnati and all metro areas. Ask anyone from Cincinnati and they will tell you, this playoff game was more than just a game.

I guess there's always next year.

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