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"Food Stamps Collectors Did Not Cause The Economic Crisis, Banks Did" stated Obama. "Oh No" Republicans Replied

President Barrack Obama completed his last State of the Union Address. The President spoke with valor, honor, and truth. In the middle of his speech he proposed four questions.

Four Points that he talked about were:

1. The economy and how it's grown the past 6 years
2. How do we make technology work for us
3. How do we keep America safe without Policing the world.
4. How do we make Politics become the best part of us

President Obama when on to state that there were more than 14 million new jobs created. The auto industry had its best year ever. Obama also directed a line towards the people that continue to state the economy is going downward. The President stated, "The people that say the economy is down, are liars."

The statement that received the most groans from Republicans is when Barrack said the only people in America that will work the job at the same  place are sitting in front him. The President takes an aggressive stance on Healthcare and Social Security. Obama stated we should not weaken them, we should strengthen them.

The statement that received the most attention is when he stated, "Food stamp collectors did not cause the economic crisis, Banks did."

Families across the nation living in poverty may need the use of Government assistance. Single mothers with multiple babies, men and women that are out of work, families making min wage, etc. Some politicians may look down on citizens that need food assistance, by making the claim that drug testing should be administered to those people that apply for food stamps. No American should be hungry in this country regardless of economic status, race, religion, etc.

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