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Denver Broncos:Demaryius Thomas Mother Watches NFL Game For The First Time After Serving 15 Years In Prison

So apparently after the Broncos and Steelers played, Peyton Manning went over to Demaryius Thomas and gave him the game ball, saying "Give this to your mom."

In 2000, Katina Smith was given a sentence of over 20 years for running a cocaine ring, along with her mother, in Georgia. She served her time at the Federal Correctional Institution in Tallahassee, Fla., until, in July, she had her sentence commuted by President Obama.

For over 15 years, on days Thomas played, Smith would use duct tape to put her son’s number 88 on her prison uniform. She never saw him play in person, not in high school or college, let alone after he became a star in the NFL.

On Sunday, Smith was finally in attendance at Sports Authority Field in Denver. She had not been allowed to travel out of Georgia until this week, but there she was, wearing a much nicer version of Thomas’s jersey, with her nickname for him, “Bay Bay,” on the back.

I know some might try and bash her, for what she did but that is her past. We all make mistakes, we all mess up in life, she paid her debt and as a Parent I love the fact that she finally got to watch him play.


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