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12 Year Old Girl Shot Dead During An Eviction Order In Pennsylvania #HispanicLivesMatter

A 12 year old girl was reportedly shot to death as Police in Duncannon, Pensylvania were supervising the eviction of her family.  According to WHTM, family members identified the victim as Ciara Meyer. Family and neighbors describe Ciara as full of life. A beautiful, intelligent little girl with so much promise and potential.

A local news source reported that Pennsylvania State Constable Clarke Steele enforce an eviction order for the family. He claims that Don Meyer, Ciara Meyer's father, pointed a gun at his chest. No one is able to confirm this story.

Police stated Steele fired at Don Meyer, the bullet went through his arm, and hit Ciara standing behind her father.

Ciara was pronounced dead on the scene.

Evictions are never easy. However, guns being pulled out to enforce an eviction in front of children should be a violation of the law. More details on this story will be updated as information is released from the investigation.

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