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Riot Breaks Out In Louisville At the Mall of St. Matthews

A series of incidents led to the closure of the Mall St. Matthews Saturday evening, according to police.
Police say the incidents were first being reported around 7 p.m. when police say around 1,000 to 2,000 unruly teenagers began disrupting the mall.
Police originally called the incidents disturbances but later called it a “riot “after police became overwhelmed.
Police believe much of the incidents stemmed from social media and had to call 50 officers from 4 different agencies to get the area under control.
Businesses around the Mall St. Matthews were encouraged by police to close their doors until they were given an all clear.
Police said they did have reports of shots fired but did not have any confirmation. At the time no one was injured.
Police expect to have the scene clear within the next few hours.

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