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Pregnant Woman and Boyfriend Murder in New Orleans

The mother of a pregnant woman who was murdered Wednesday night in New Orleans East can barely stand the pain.
“Everything about my baby was good,” Nicole Stewart said. “I still want her to walk through this door. I want her to use her key and just come home.”
Nicole Stewart will never see her daughter, Breon, again. The 23-year-old was found shot multiple times inside a car along with her boyfriend, Lionel Delpit III, last night. Delpit was also shot several times. Both died on the scene.
Breon was nine months pregnant with Delpit’s baby, and just one week away from delivering a little boy.

Witnesses said they heard more than 20 shots fired into the car. Nicole Stewart said the couple lived together at the Wind Run Apartments on the I-10 Service Road, and were killed in the parking lot just after 10 p.m.

Stewart said Breon was valedictorian of Carver High School and was about to graduate from Delgado in nursing.
Breon has a twin sister, and the two are described as inseparable. Both were pregnant at the same time. Her sister gave birth a few days ago to a little girl, and the family was waiting for Breon to deliver.

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