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Man Strangles Girlfriend For Refusing To Make Eye Contact

A website ‘News10Live’ published an article on 10th December 2015 with a title that ‘Man Killed his Girlfriend for Rejecting to Make Eye Contact with Him while talking to her’. It was described in subtitle that ‘Holden confessed that his girlfriend refused to make eye contact with him when he was discussing with her’. A photograph was also attached of a man who seems to be visually damaged. 
This man named Ralph Holden killed her girlfriend after rejecting to make eye contact with him as indicated in the photograph. This story was circulated online on a number of social media websites by a large number of users.
This story described that a 28 years old Michigan resident man named Ralph Holden was arrested by police and charged with 1st degree murder attempt when his girlfriend was discovered dead at home on 82nd Street on this weekend. Police department confirmed that a 26 years old woman named Wendy Miller was found dead on the floor of kitchen. It is important that Holden suddenly confessed in front of police officers that she was killed by him, but police investigators are finding the original reason behind it. 
Point to be noted that 911 said that a neighbor informed the disturbance on 82nd street and listening shouting in a house, at that time Holden was saying to his girlfriend that ‘look at me, look at me’. 
We have found that there is not any kind of truth in this story because ‘News10Live’ is fake news website such as Newswatch33 and Now8News.

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