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Love and Hip Hop New York Recap: Season 6 Episode 3

Hey folks, it's time for the weekly ratchet report that is Love & Hip Hop NY....

1. Ok Aminah, we don't believe you, you need more people! How many times have you said it's the last straw?? And Tara, no words, so you're calling Aminah a groupie who had a baby to keep Peter. Um but last time I checked Peter was engaged when you met him and got pregnant, so um hello pot meet kettle.

2. Oh Yorma, honey how don't you know when it's all over IG that DJ Self is all over town? Poor child, after 2 yrs. you're ecstatic your public debut is at a Z list rapper's birthday party?

3. And again BBOD filler storyline. I will give them a little finger time since my girl Yandy is even considering managing them. But for real Yandy, you're talking about all the work it takes to bring someone from the bottom to the top, but do you know what that work is? I need one success story from you ma'am.

4. Mariah Lynn should really be called Mariah Lyricless. OMG, how bad is this girl?!? She must have the Peter Gunz thing going on cause she is clearly winning some place and it ain't the stage or the studio. Oh and Mariah who doesn't Rich Dollaz really well?!?

5. Uh oh, DJ Self you're not Gwinin couldn't even invite Cardi B to the Rap Fest and now Mariah invited your super side piece to the party where you were planning to debut your main side piece? #trainwreck

6. Did Remy just shush Papoose ?? And this jail chronicles conversation is just depressing. Also, just because you went to jail, does not make a 10 yr. old the man of the house! Yeah he'll have to grow up fast, but seriously he's still a child. And OMG where are the tissues, I want to adopt Lil Mendecees!

7. I swear if Aminah don't get this lipstick off of her teeth! It's distracting me even from her stupidity. And that first season abortion helped launch Joseline's career so perhaps it would do the same for you. SN- I know Aminah and Jazz are identical twins, but it seriously seems like she's playing a dual role, sheesh they're the same person!

8. Yandy do you know how many families have been broken up by the prison system? It's sad, but the federal justice system does not care about your family and when you married a drug dealer this was a possibility.

9. Alright the Mariah Lynn party may be the highlight of my week!! First, Rich what is your definition of friends? It's totally not the one I have cause you are about to be in the bathroom with your friend. But the games began when Cardi B got in the building for her "snowbunny buddy's birthday" #BestNicknameEver SN- what is up with Mariah always commenting on Cardi's implants?

Even though she sounds like Rosie Perez and Michelé's love child she is definitely the scene stealer. DJ Self looked like he wanted to call the "Gwinin God" to take him away, lol. And if L&HH doesn't work out, Cardi may have a future in wrestling! The way she knocked Yorma's wig off was WWE worthy. Can't wait to see where that goes next week.

Welp, till next time!

Written by Leah Stone

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