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'LHHNY' Season 6, Episode 2 Recap: Featuring Cardi B's Debut

Welp I pretty much can't resist my weekly dose, here's another review of the latest edition of Love and Ratchet. I mean Love and Hip Hop New York

1. Okay Team Gwinin is losing again. So today we're introduced to Cardi B a stripper from the Bronx who describes herself as someone who doesn't like to be put in situations where she can go to jail. Um crickets. However, if she did go to jail she could see her BF who is in jail, but treats her better than her side dude who refuses to be in IG vids though he claims to be single. Confused yet?

2. BBDO doesn't even deserve my thumb time. Such a filler storyline, next.
3. Richie D! Okay I gotta admit I really hoped that Moniece was going to get some NY screen time because she keeps LA so interesting. However, this let me prove I take care of my kids so I don't get arrested for child support violations again and bring my daughter in this season storyline may have legs too. SN- If you tell your Dad on national TV that you're not a virgin your Mom will find out.

4. I'm still trying to understand how Remy and Papoose have $?
6+ year prison sentence+lukewarm careers=broke in my book. I really like them so I'll let it go lol. Oh and this wedding planning with Rah gets 1.5 episodes before it goes dreadfully wrong.

5. I see you Tara working it out! Too bad that baby is going to ruin it all. Okay anyway, so Aminah you kind of reap what you sow in this situation. You were so gung ho to be Mrs. Gunz that you overlooked everything and basically got yourself into a sister wives situation and now you're asking the baby mama side chick mistress where your husband is? Aminah, just say it out loud sweetie. Hopefully this is the season you get a new love interest.
6. Does Yandy manage anyone that actually has a current career?
7. Is a prereq to be on this show to be an idiot? So DJ Self's real "girlfriend" (and I use this term ever so loosely) is angry because there's a strange ring in the shower. Now the ring very likely belongs to the cleaning lady, but said girlfriend isn't going for that and now she wants to post the ring on IG to find the owner who is clearly sleeping with her "boyfriend". And she's angry because he also will not take IG pics with her (because that's the clear indicator you're in a relationship). SN- Is IG sponsoring this show?

8. So um Rich's super religious baby mama is upset the daughter had sex and now wants to stop her dream of doing mission work in the DR because she doesn't feel right leaving after hearing this news. Um maybe you should go, she had the sex on your watch in the first place.
9. Why is Papoose's daughter royal rumbling with a mouth full of braces? Ouch.
10. Tara people can only mess with your emotions as much as you let them. Why are you acting like you don't already know the truth? Peter is a snake! You both love a snake! And now you're both pregnant by a snake! And like every other time he will slither away and you'll be right back next week.
Allright folks until next week!

written by Leah Stone

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