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Texas Toddler Dies, After Siblings Placed Her In Oven

 A Texas toddler reportedly burned to death Monday evening after one of her 3-year-old siblings placed her in an oven and another turned it on.
Here's what we know so far:
1. Police believe the victim, 19-month-old J'Zyra Thompson, and her siblings were unsupervised at the time. KTRK reported that Racquel Thompson, the children's mother, went to pick up a pizza with her boyfriend and left J'Zyra and her three siblings – a 5-year-old and two 3-year-olds – alone in their Houston apartment, according to court records. One of the 3-year-olds put J'Zyra in the oven, and the other 3-year-old "made the oven 'hot'" as J'Zyra kicked the door, authorities said
2. When the children's mother returned home, she reportedly tried to perform CPR on J'Zyra but was too late. Emergency workers also were called to the scene but could not save the girl, according to KPRC
3. Officials said this wasn't the first time the mother had left the children at home alone. Thompson told Child Protective Services that she frequently left the kids unsupervised while she dropped off her boyfriend at work, KTRK reported
4. The surviving children are now in foster care, according to KTRKKPRC reported that the 5-year-old was placed in a separate home from the two 3-year-olds. 
Thompson's ex-boyfriend and the children's father, Frederick Price, told KTRK that he wants custody of them.
"I have to go get them," he said. "I have to go and get them."
5. Thompson and her current boyfriend have not yet been charged in the incident. But officials with Child Protective Services said criminal charges likely will be filed, according to KTRK.

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