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Graphic Body Cam Video Footage From The Shooting of Sam Dubose


University of Cincinnati Police officer, Ray Tinsing, observed Dubose driving near the Campus around 6:30 pm. After following him for a few blocks, Tinsing initiated a traffic stop for failure to display a front plate, and approached the vehicle. Officer Tinsing had told 911 dispatchers that he fired one shot, fatally striking Dubose in the head, because he was “almost run over” during the traffic stop. Tensing said in the incident report that he was “dragged” by the vehicle.

Joe Deters, a Hamilton County Prosecutor, said this murder was “Another asinine, senseless shooting”. Deters went on to say that Dubose “Didn’t deserve to be shot in the head” and that “he didn’t even deserved to be tased”.

“He purposely killed him. He should never have been a police officer. This is without question a murder,” Deters said.

R.I.P. Sam Dubose

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