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Johns Hopkins University sued for $1 billion for STD experiments on people of color

The lawsuit on behalf of 800 Guatemalans, claims that both prestigious, pristine institutions helped “design, support, encourage and finance” the experiments by employing scientists and physicians involved in the tests, which were designed to ascertain if penicillin could prevent the diseases.
The experiments, which occurred between 1945 and 1956, were kept secret until they were discovered in 2010 by a college professor, Susan Reverby, the Guardian reports.
Researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine held “substantial influence” over the commissioning of the research program by dominating panels that approved federal funding for the research, the suit claims.
Rockefeller Foundation involvement included paying a researcher who was assigned to the experiments in which he travelled to inspect on at least six occasions.
The implementation of this nefarious experimentation was done on the underbelly or so-called throwaways of Guatemala society: Orphans, prisoners and mental health patients were deliberately infected in the experiments.
The suit also claims that predecessor companies of the pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb supplied penicillin for use in the experiments, which they knew to be both secretive and non-consensual.

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