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Dash cam video in the Walter Scott murder case released

Authorities in South Carolina have released dash cam video in connection with the fatal shooting of Walter Scott, but the footage does not show the actual shooting.
Video from the patrol car of North Charleston's Michael Slager shows an initial traffic stop and early interactions between the officer and Scott.
Slager approaches Scott's vehicle. The two men speak, and then the officer returns to his patrol car.
Scott exits the vehicle, briefly, and Slager tells him to stay in the car. Scott then gets out of the car, again, and runs away, out of the area the camera could see.
The video, which was released Thursday, also shows a passenger in Scott's car.
The passenger's identity was not given in a police report obtained by CNN, but another officer responding to the incident said in the report that the passenger was detained and placed in the back seat of a police vehicle.

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