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Mom Dead, Baby Found Alive 14 Hours After Car Crash In River

Lily wasn't moving when rescuers found her, hanging upside down in her mother's smashed car. It had flipped over into a frigid Utah river half a day before, and the baby was still strapped in her seat.
As Officer Jared Warner dashed with the 18-month-old in his arms to an ambulance, she was barely alive. But she's doing better, doctors said on Sunday. When Warner heard that, the policeman looked close to tears. His voice faltered.
She was still strapped into her seat, where she may have been for 14 hours, if the wreck occurred, when police believe it did.
The night before, a man living nearby heard a loud crash and stepped outside to check, but he saw nothing unusual, police said, and dismissed it.
That was at about 10:30 p.m. on Friday. Groesbeck's car had probably just struck a bridge embankment.
"The driver's side tire went up the cement barrier on the south end of the bridge, launching this woman and her baby into the freezing water," Slaymaker told WUTV.
Lily is still fighting to recover, Groesbeck's family said, and they need help with the medical expenses and the funeral costs for her mother.

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