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Dash Cam shows Man Shot by New Jersey Police While Raising his Hands

Video and audio released by the Bridgeton Police Department on Tuesday shows officers Braheme Days and Roger Worley ordering Jerame Reid,36, not to move.

The video appears to show Reid with his hands in front of him as he stands to get out of the car and is shot and killed by the officers.

Days and Worley had pulled the car over at the intersection of South Avenue and Henry Street, in Bridgeton, at about 9:20 p.m. on Dec. 30. 

The video shows the officers driving through the city's streets and coming up on on blue Jaguar, driven by Leroy Tutt, 46, of Long Branch. They pull the car over moments later, and after Days approaches the passenger side and introduces himself, he tells the driver he's being pulled over for going through a stop sign on South Pine Street, which is adjacent to Henry Street.

Days asks the driver to get his driver's license and seconds later, the officer is seen pulling his gun. 

Here’s a partial transcript of the interaction from the South Jersey Times:
Officer Braheme Days (:57): How are you all doing?
Leroy Tutt (:58): How are you?
Days (1:01): Officer Days, Bridgeton police. The reason I'm pulling you over ... you went right through that stop sign back there.
Tutt (1:04): Where at?
Days, (1:06): Right on, uh, South Pine Street.
Tutt (1:08): Alright.
Days (1:09): You got your driver's license?
Tutt (1:10): Yeah, I've got my driver's license.
Days (1:12) (to passenger): What's up, man? Can you grab it for me? (to driver)
Response unintelligible.
Days (1:18) (draws gun): Show me your hands. Show me your (expletive) hands! Show me your hands. Don't (expletive) move.
(Worley comes into picture, gun appears to be drawn)
Days: Don't (expletive) move! Don't you (expletive) move.
Days, (1:27):Get him out of the car, Rog. We've got a gun in his glove compartment. Don't you (expletive) move.
Days appears to remove a silver object, 1:30.
Reid, (1:32): I've got my hands up.
Days: Don't you (expletive) move! Show me (expletive) hands!
Officer Roger Worley (simultaneously): DON'T MOVE! (speaks into radio)
Days: Don't you (expletive) move!
Worley (1:40) (into radio): Let's get more units out here.
Days: DON'T YOU (expletive) MOVE!
Reid: unintelligible
Worley: DON'T (expletive) MOVE!
Days (1:44): I'm telling you, I'm gonna shoot you. You're gonna be (expletive) dead. I'm telling you.
Reid: I ain't doing nothing.
Days (1:47): You reach for something, you're going to be (expletive) dead. I'm telling you.
Reid (1:49): I ain't even reaching for nothing, bro. I ain't go no reason to reach ...
Days: I'm telling you ... I'm telling you. Keep your (expletive) hands right there. Hey Jerame, you reach for something, you gonna be (expletive) dead.
Worley (speaks into his radio)
Reid (1:56): I ain't reaching.
Days (1:57): He's reaching. He's reaching.
Reid (1:58): I ain't reaching.
Days: Show me your (expletive) hands.
Reid (2:00): I'm getting out and getting on the ground.
Worley: Yo!
Reid: I'm getting out and getting on the ground.
Days: No you're not. No you're not.
Worley: Don't get out of the car!
Reid: I'm getting out.
Days (2:04): No you're not. Don't (expletive) move!
Reid (standing up): I'm getting out.
Car door opens, Reid stands up, 2:06
Days: Don't you—
Officers open fire, 2:07
Days (2:10): (to driver) Don't you (expletive) move!
Bystanders begin shouting.

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