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Shots Fired At Police Cruiser Outside Of Church in Tampa Fl

A scary moment for some Pasco County deputies in Tampa Florida. Two were on traffic patrol Sunday morning, parked near Northside Baptist Church, when someone fired several shots at them.

"They hear what they believe is three gunshots," said Sheriff Chris Nocco. "One of our deputies says he actually heard it whizzing by his car."

The threatening act comes at a time when Nocco says many in law enforcement are on edge.

"This is an emotional time for law enforcement. The emotions are very high, and when you wake up the day after a funeral, and you're finding out deputies are being shot at, you kind of wonder what's going on with society," Nocco said.

Hours before the shooting, Tarpon Springs buried Officer Charles Kondek, Officer Rafael Ramos was laid to rest in New York, and Officer Tyler Stewart died from his injuries in a Flagstaff hospital. All three, along with Ramos's partner Wenjian Liu, were shot and killed on the job within the last nine days.

"I keep going back to our families," Nocco said. "They see us leave at the shift, and now, when they're seeing us, the anxiety level, the stress -- it's getting to a very high point."

Which is why deputies want to get to the bottom of the latest case, and also, any less obvious threats against law enforcement.

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