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Cancer UNCOVERED: My story all women need to know

Written by Neffi Walker

” I know you well so I am going to tell you something and I want you to listen to me fully before you react, promise? ” Says my GYN on the phone which honestly sent me into a panic!
“No…NOOOOO I am not promising you anything when you preface it in that manner! What is wrong? Is something wrong?” I asked
” Darling your pap came back abnormal and when tested further we found you have cervical cancer…..”
I didn’t hear a word he said after that, not one word. I stood at the Starbucks register and tuned him out completely and retreated into my own little world. Cancer? NO WAY!!!!!!
I instantly thought about my children, second thought was I don’t want to die and it was then that I went into complete panic.
That day was very dark for me for obvious reasons. I went home and literally climbed into the bed and found my youngest daughter stuck to me like glue for some odd reason. Normally she is dancing, singing or ordering me around ( she’s the boss of me!) but today she was quiet, calm and very affectionate. It was then in true Neffi Walker form I went to the internet and posted this status:
*Today I found out I have cervical cancer, First call I received said we need to do more testing, second call I received confirmed it. I am going got get a second opinion but today is one of the saddest days of my life. I have been bound to my bed and this little one is stuck to me and filling me with kisses. I wanted to capture and share this moment. Regardless, life is always beautiful*
After I posted that status on IG, I hugged my daughter and prayed until we both fell asleep. When I awoke and checked my phone, I realized that I had over 200+ emails and over 88 comments on the subject. So many women have been dealt the same diagnosis and found out in most cases the diagnosis was a false positive. My decision to get a second opinion in the matter was strongly suggested by EVERYONE. I felt more empowered at that moment due to the wealth of personal information I was receiving from strangers that have walked in my current shoes; It felt like warm sunlight and hugs draped onto me, I felt empowered.
Fast Forward two cone biopsies; loads of testing, blood and stress and the consensus was that I had HPV with a strain number 16. What does that mean you ask? It means that my chances of actually being affected with cervical cancer is extremely high and the presence of HPV acted as a false positive during my pap smear testing.
I HAVE HPV…. I HAVE HPV. At first I was confused and scared because i wasnt knowledgable of the virus and instantly went Rambo on my ex boyfriend as if it were HIV. He explained to me that his son was misdiagnosed with HPV as a child and later found the issue to be something totally different. I then spoke to my ex before him and he explained that his girlfriend before me had HPV as well. I spoke to my sister who laughed and said
“Sissy most of my girlfriends went through the same thing you did, it is very common among women and you need to get Jhette a vaccine to prevent her from contracting it”
Mind you, I am having all of these conversations before I did ANY RESEARCH on this matter and I told my best friend that I was going to write about what I am going through.
“You know Nef, I love you, and I love that you are working towards transparency and all, and I think you are a great writer but somethings you just shouldnt divulge to the public. I don’t want to see you hurt in the process of explaining your story and get backlash due to it” she said.
” I understand but you know I don’t worry about people and their opinions. Think of all the women I could help in the process. I wish I knew more about this subject from someone I could relate to. I’m writing the story and posting it tomorrow” I said.
This is what I know about HPV:
* HPV is common. Most people have the virus at some time in their lives. For most people it causes no symptoms and goes away on its own. It is much more common in young people, probably because we develop immunity to the virus as we get older.

* Some types of HPV can cause changes in the cells of the cervix or the lining of the mouth and throat. They are known as high risk HPVs. Doctors call these cell changes dysplasia. The changed cells have an increased risk of becoming cancerous.

* Some types of HPV can increase the risk of developing cervical cancer, particularly types 16, 18, 31, 33 and 45. They are called high risk types. Almost all women with cervical cancer have at least one of these types of HPV in the cells of their cervix.
* Of the different types of HPV, types 16 and 18 cause about 7 out of 10 (70%) cancers of the cervix. The other types cause most of the remaining 30% of cervical cancers.
* It is important to remember that most women with high risk HPV don’t develop cervical cancer. We know from research that other factors affect whether you develop a cancer, such as how well your immune system is working or whether you smoke. Women who smoke and have a high risk type of HPV infection are more likely to go on to get cervical cancer.
Remember that regular cervical screening will pick up abnormal cervical cells before they become cancerous. So even if you have HPV and smoke, you can prevent cervical cancer if you go for screening when you are invited.

(information provided by
So with all of this information and knowledge and much prayer i decided to do an Angelina Jolie. For the sake of my children, before cancer officially comes my way, I will discard the part it will hold onto, MY CERVIX. Angelina got rid of her ego and pride and knew eventually she would be diagnosed with breast cancer due to a genetic DNA testing and made a life changing decision for the sake of her children and cut off both of her breast.
For me 2015/ 2016 will be somewhat of a “REBIRTH “. First off, I accepted my mans proposal for marriage (happy dance). Secondly, after careful consideration long talks and prayer we agreed that I will give birth to the last of my babies after the wedding and before/ during his campaigning for US Congress. The next two years I will be very busy to say the least.  Directly after giving birth to our child, I will be ushered into surgery to have my cervix removed which is called a radical hysterectomy. I want to keep my ovaries because I don’t want to be catapulted into premature menopause at the age of 43 but I will have my uterus cervix, oviducts, lymph nodes and lymph channels totally extracted.
I am not interested in playing a waiting game with my health and any chances of possibly reducing any form of cervical cancer that is in my control I will gladly perform.
Let me take this time out to say thank you to my community. With your prayers, well wishes, own personal testimonies and love you have given me the courage to understand my present and act for my future. I am forever indebted.
Love you all,
The Jelly Fish

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