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Ebola outbreak in Dallas Texas

As many as 100 people in Texas are being checked for exposure to Ebola, health officials have said.
The list includes "potential or possible contacts" with Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian national diagnosed in Dallas on Tuesday, and "will drop".
Four of his relatives have been ordered to stay home while they are watched for signs of the disease, officials say.

Mr Duncan, believed to have caught the disease in Liberia, is in a serious condition in hospital.
He was the first case diagnosed on US soil.
The disease, which is not contagious until symptoms appear, is spread via close contact with bodily fluids.
Mr Duncan is thought to have contracted the virus in Liberia before he traveled to the US nearly two weeks ago to visit relatives.
He sought medical attention at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on 25 September. Then hospital officials said he had a low-grade fever and abdominal pain. Basic blood tests were performed, but he was not screened for the Ebola virus.

A nurse asked Mr Duncan if he had travelled from Africa, and he said he had, but that information was not fully communicated to the medical staff, an oversight the hospital now says it "regrets".
Mr Duncan was given antibiotics and a pain reliever and sent home, where his condition worsened, says his sister.
On 28 September, a friend of Mr Duncan's contacted the CDC for advice and was instructed to call the Texas Department of Health, which sent an ambulance.
The diagnosis was confirmed on 30 September.

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