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Wal-Mart Surveillance Video of John Crawford III Shooting

Surveillance video at an Ohio Wal-Mart shows the moment police fired upon and killed a man who was carrying an air rifle sold at the store. A special prosecutor says a grand jury found officers' actions were justified in the fatal shooting of John Crawford.

In a 911 call from a white customer Ronald Ritchie, describes Crawford as "walking around with a gun in the, pointing it at people." Later in the call, Ritchie says, "He just pointed it at, like, two children." None of that is on the tape. Ronald Ritchie should have charges press against him as an accomplice to murder. Ritchie is just as responsible for Crawford's murder as the white cop that pulled the trigger.

Just before the officers arrive, Crawford can be seen nonchalantly with no one else in view. At one point, Crawford drops the gun and appears to fall, just as cops can be seen rushing toward him with their guns drawn. Several seconds later, Crawford is dead.

Another Black Man, Father, Son, Brother, is murdered in cold blood at the hands of the same people that vow to protect and serve. Another white cop is defended and congratulated for killing a black man, receives paid leave and protection from the Justice System.

According to the law-enforcement version of events, Crawford failed to drop the weapon when ordered. The video tape shows a White Police officer gunning down a Black Man while talking on the cell phone.

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