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Indiana Man Murders Girlfriend and Eats Her Brain and Lungs

An Indiana man is being held without bond for allegedly stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death, then cooking and eating parts of her body, according to a probable cause statement obtained by CNN affiliate WHAS.

Joseph Oberhansley, 33, is charged with murder, abuse of a corpse and residential entry in connection with the death of Tammy Jo Blanton. He’s being held at the Clark County Jail.

“The front of the victim’s skull appeared to have been crushed and brain tissue appeared scattered around the tub,” according to the document. A deputy coroner who examined Blanton’s body determined she suffered numerous injuries to her head, face, neck and chest.

“A large section of the front of her skull was removed. A large portion was missing. Several cuts to her chest created a large opening,” the corner said, according to the document.
The coroner further stated that Blanton’s heart was removed.

“A plate with what appeared to be skull bone and blood was found in the kitchen. A skillet and a pair of tongs with blood on the handles were found on top of the stove,” the probable cause statement said. “The cooking surface of the skillet was blacked with a void in the middle where the cooked material had been removed.”
During a police interview, police said Oberhansley initially denied being aware of Blanton’s death but later confessed.

“He confessed that he had broken into the back door of the home and also broke into the bathroom where Blanton had locked herself inside. He struck Blanton several times with a knife, causing her death. He also admitted to mutilating her body, using a jigsaw to cut open her skull, remove a portion of her brain and eating it raw. He further admitted to cooking a section of her brain and eating it. A bloodied electric jigsaw and jigsaw blade were located and collected from [the] scene by detectives,” police said in the probable cause statement.

When asked by police what happened to Blanton’s heart, Oberhansley allegedly told investigators that he had removed it and eaten it along with part of one of her lungs.  
“During Monday's appearance in court, Oberhansley said he didn't commit these crimes and he didn't understand what the judge was talking about. He appeared anxious and said his name is ‘Zeus Brown,’” CNN affiliate WHAS reported.

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