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Exploring The G-Spot With Your Partner

The G-spot, or Grafenberg spot, named after the gynecologist who first identified it, is a mound of super sensitive sponge like tissue located within the roof of the vagina, just inside the entrance. Proper stimulation of the G spot can produce intense orgasms.

 Because of its difficult to reach location and the fact that it is most successfully stimulated manually, the G spot is not routinely activated for most women during vaginal intercourse.

You must be sexually aroused to be able to locate your G spot. During intercourse, many women feel that G spot can be easily stimulated when the man enters from behind.  For couples dealing with erection problems, playing involving the G spot can be a positive addition to lovemaking.

Oral stimulation of the clitoris combined with manual stimulation of the G spot can give a woman a highly intense orgasm.

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