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Young Jeezy In Jail; Man Shot 5 Times Over $210,000 Unpaid Debt

Young Jeezy is currently spending time in jail for possession of an assault rifle. He is currently on tour with Wiz Khalifa  During an investigation of a shooting that happened Friday at Wiz Khalifa's concert, Jeezy and his entourage was arrested for possession of a deadly weapon.

The Irvine Police Department entered Jeezy's tour bus with search warrant on Sunday at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in connection with the shooting in Mountian View Ca. A 25 year old man lost his life after being shot 5 times.

Young Jeezy is known for his BMF, Black Mafia Family, ties that ran Atlanta in the early 2000s. Sources say members of his entourage allegedly put out a hit on a person that owed $210,000 dollars from an old unpaid debt from  2006.  The unpaid debt had nothing to do with Young Jeezy and it is not confirmed if Jeezy knew the assault rifle was on the tour bus.

The Urban Press Report could not reach Young Jeezy camp to confirm the unpaid debt.

Jeezy is being held on $1,000,000 dollar bond and has to pay 100,000 to get out of jail. The one lesson to learn from this story is beware of the company you keep.

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