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Water Deemed Unsafe To Drink In Toledo OH

Hundreds of thousands of people who receive water from the city of Toledo, Ohio, are being warned not to drink the water from their taps, the city said on its Facebook page early Saturday.
The warning posted around 2 a.m. was followed up with another posting before 10 a.m. saying that the city was working with Lucas County Emergency Management to come up with a plan to address how to deal with the water problems. City officials didn't immediately return requests for comment.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich declared a state of emergency in two Toledo area counties, enabling members of the National Guard and Department of Transportation to begin water deliveries to the affected area, said Chris Abbruzzese, a spokesman at the joint incident command center in the state capital of Columbus.
"It is understandable that there is a huge degree of public concern, but we would advise everyone to remain calm, an alternative water supply and a distribution system will be announced as quickly as possible," the city said.
Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins said on his Twitter feed Saturday the city strongly recommends all restaurants to close operations temporarily over the water issue. He also said that there are no reports of water-related illnesses.

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