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Video of Kajieme Powell Shot and Killed by St Louis Police Officers

Tuesday, the 19th of August, St. Louis Missouri police shot and killed a man armed with a steak knife. The video shows 25 year old Kajieme Powell appearing to have mental issues while he shouted at Police. "Shoot me now." he shouted.

Police shouted several times for Powell to drop a steak knife and remove his hands from his pockets. When Powelll appears to continue toward the officers, they opened fire in front of citizens.

Authorties said Kajieme Powell stole donuts and energy drinks from a store which prompted the store owner to call the police. Powell set the two energy drinks on the ground and waited for the police to arrive.

The video seems to contradict the initial police explanation that Palmer had raised his knife to an overhand position before shooting.  Bystanders stated he was not a threat that needed deadly force. Powell could have been tased or shot with a rubber bullet. It's obvious to the residents of Feguson, Powell needed mental help. The cops called to the scene mad a different assessment

After Powell is shot 7 times, the cops began to handcuff him on the ground. The shooting happened about three and a half miles from where Michael Brown was killed on Aug. 9.

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