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Unarmed Ferguson Teenager Walking To Grandma House, Shot Several Times By Police

An 18 year old Missouri teenager was shot dead by police Saturday. An immediate protest among residents gathered at the scene of the crime chanting, "Kill the Police."

Michael Brown was walking to his grandmother's house in the city of Ferguson at 2 pm in the afternoon. Witnesses state the officer shot several times even though Micheal Brown raised his hands in the air to show no threat towards the officer.

After the shooting Brown's body was left in the street for four hours before the police remove him from the scene.

The shooting sparked over 200 irate residents that filled the streets and continued to curse police. Police Officers were deployed from neighboring counties to help keep the irate citizens under control. Some residents cam face to face with barking police dogs, some shots were fired in the air, but no one else was hurt.

A statement by the City of Ferguson was released Saturday night.

“The City of Ferguson is aware there are strong feelings following the tragic event that occurred on Canfield Drive earlier today,” it said.
“The St. Louis County Police Department is conducting an independent investigation of the events. We will provide further information as the investigation continues."

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