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Johnny Manziel's Debut Highlights

Johnny Manziel spent one series in the pistol, but started to complete throws when he moved under center. One of the rookie's better throws was to Taylor Gabriel for 18 yards off play-action.
Manziel ran 16 yards for a first down, threw a nice crossing route to Charles Johnson and threw what could have been a third-down conversion to Willie Snead, but it went through the receiver's hands.
Manziel was very quick in the pocket and able to elude the rush. He took a couple shots and was briefly checked on the sideline, but kept coming back. 
But neither Hoyer nor Manziel did enough in this game to take firm hold of the starting job. Both seemed to finish the game where they started it.
The biggest question the Browns must now answer is whether they want Manziel to start the second preseason game against Washington, as it would give him an opportunity to play with and against the first units.

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