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California Movie Theater Closed Down Aftter Bed Bugs Bit Several Patrons

A movie theater in Lodi, California is now temporarily closed after several people complained of being bit by bed bugs while enjoying a flick.
Two teenagers who are covered in bed bugs bites claim they got them while sitting in movie a theater in Lodi.
“When we woke up in the next morning, we looked at each other and saw that we had all these red bumps all over us,” one of the girls said.
“We don't want to get bullied. And we don't want to talk about it all day either,” one of the girls said.
The girls went to see a movie at the Lodi Stadium 12 Cinema Friday night. Saturday morning, they woke up with hundreds of bites on their arms and legs.
“You shouldn't have to worry about bugs at your local theater,” one of the girls said.
 They reported the bites to the manager of Lodi Stadium 12 Saturday morning, but moviegoers continued to sit in the same theater.
“At around 2 o'clock when the movie got out, he called me and said they actually found bed bugs inside the theater,” Wendt said.
The two girls are not the only ones who claimed bed bugs bit them in the theater.

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