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British Born Rapper Identified As The Militant Who Beheaded Journalist James Foley

American and British intelligence officials are investigating a British-born rapper as the Isis militant who beheaded journalist James Foley.

This ranks as the first time hip hop has been associated with terrorism. Hip Hop first became popular speaking on issues relevant to the "hood."  Hip hop has always been a voice for the younger generation to speak and be heard.

A western intelligence official told Fox News that 23 year old London rapper Abdel Majed Bary is the suspect believed to be Foley's executioner. Sources say the London rapper's father was extradited from London to the United States in 2012 for his connection to Usama Bin Laden and the 1998 US Embassy bombings in Africa.

Little is known of the whereabouts of the British born rapper. US and British agency are working hard to bring this rapper to justice. In the words of the Notorious Biggie Smalls, "I thought hip hop would take this far."

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